Teen bloggers who took over the internet

There are thousands of blogs, but each different and due to that some are better than others. The fact that there are more advanced blogs is because these people have taken blog tips in consideration such as havening an opening line, polishing posts, adding depth, and crafting posts. When people look at blogs the first impression is the most important one because either the audience will read a post or go to the next blog. The topic of your blog is a major key point, because the topic has to be meaningful to the public. Examples of effective blogs are the ones by the Teen bloggers who took over the internet.

When looking at the seven different Teen blogs the one that grabbed my attention first was the blog regarding food. This blog is by Nick Normile and the first reason why it is one of the most influential blogs is because of it’s appearance. The blog is organized and very clear also it has a lot of interesting pictures which is a good tool to catch the reader’s attention. Nick starts his posts with a short story which he experienced and then concludes that anecdote with a food recipe, like in the first post which is called Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Fried Rice and Why I hate Strip Clubs. In that post he first talked about going to a strip club and having a conversation with one of the girls there and in the end Nick thought of her diet and connected this to a fried rice recipe. By giving the audience this story Nick is able to make is blog memorable and meaningful. The posts also call the reader to make an action, which is to try out Nick’s recipe; this creates a deeper connection towards the audience. The last reason why I like this blog is because the writing style is as if the person is talking directly to you which is again creating a great link to the reader.

The second blog that I enjoyed was the one called The F Bomb by Julie Zeilinger. For me the main reason why I visited this blog was because of the topic, I was eager to read what Julie had to say about young feminists. This is also a point to take in consideration when wanting to create a good blog which is to have a topic that interests the public. Furthermore Julie has effective titles for each post stating what the post is about, but still making that the reader wants to find out more. A further strategy Julie is using is having an opening line for each post, which is clearly seen in the first one called On Cougars, Catfights and Cows. This post is about the fact that words like bitch and chick not only refer to animals but also to women. It begins with seven words followed by rhetorical questions, a final statement and next to it a linking picture (the one to the right, comparing women to animals). This hook directly engages the audience and makes them think about the topic and what the message of the picture is. Julie also has an interesting writing style which is the one of the reasons why I enjoy her blog. She talks about her experiences but connects it back to the whole world’s perspective creating a remarkable comparison.

Both teen blogs used different and similar techniques and could create incredible blogs. Although the topics vary both authors managed to make their posts interesting, by using an engaging writing style and having an attractive appearance. When creating a blog those tools like the two teen blogs used are the ones that will give you a successful result.

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